When someone asks "what you do for a living" what do you answer!

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    I been going to my doctor for 7 years and I used to be an accountant, but decided that at age 42 I wasn't enjoying what I was doing. I decided five years ago, to be a short term trader. When I went for my annual exam last year, he got personal and asked a couple of questions. Of course when I asked medical questions about myself, he would get annoyed like his time is so more important than mine. He would asked how come you never became a CPA. I got some stupid remarks from people before when people asked me what I do for a living, so I said that I never wanted to be CPA and didn't tell him that I am a short term trader.

    In April I saw the doctor again, and he said that not being a CPA is a mistake and that his friend are CPAs and making a lot of money. That is when I told him that I'm a short term trader and no longer in the accounting field,and he said" people like you think that it's so easy to make money in the stock market. That is when I said, that I don't know if you notice but the market is down a lot and it's not easy making money, but I am making money and enjoying what I am doing. I had to take my father who is terminally ill with cancer to that same doctor two weeks ago, since my father started using him for 10 years. That doctor, I would like to call Dr. Moron just was so nasty to me. I wanted to say something to him, but my father's oncologist said that my father should not have any stress, so I kept quiet. Now, that I'm changing doctors and if he asked what I do for a living and if I get a stupid look or remark, I was thinking what is the best answer. I always would say to myself after I left the room or person, after the person said something stupid, I would say to myself wished I said this or that instead". So the question is what would you say if this happened to you. I want to be prepared this time.

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  2. tell them you are a private investor.
  3. just say you are a proffesional equity trader :)
  4. I would like to ask..Does Dr. Moron pay your bills??? If he doesn't ...then you should already know the answer...
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    Tell him you are a private money manager, and NO you are not accepting new clients :)


    P.S. Then ASAP dump that clown and get somebody you like and can trust!!!
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    "I work in the defense of the principals of our national structure. I really can't discuss the details, but if I could, you would not understand anyway."
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    I just tell people I the guy that tests deodorant by smelling armpits..they usually wrinkle their nose and move onto the next subject wondering if I'm lying or not : )
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    It is all in the way you spin it. A urologist could tell people who ask the same question (I stick my finger up butts for a living) but he usually say that he is a doctor.

    avoid "day trader" (it has taken on a different meaning to the uninformed public)

    I simply tell people that I am a Trader. but I really do not care what they think. :cool:
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    also check this thread:


    somehow unbelievable that so many people have problems telling about their jobs.

    anyway - try this:

    "i could tell you what i do - but if i did - i would have to kill you afterwards".

    hope this helps ...
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