When skydiving goes very wrong: Pensioner, 80, left hanging by a thread Read more: h

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  2. Good post. thanks.
  3. I don't understand why anyone risks life and limb for this. My life is much more valuable to me than a few minutes of free-fall. I just don't get it?
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    I'd love to know if this women will ever skydive again! I'm thinking "ummm...no"

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  5. If you're concerned about dying during a sky dive, I guess you don't drive a car then either?


    ..."we accept a higher level of risk by getting into our cars every day than people do by occasionally skydiving. "


    The rush of a sky dive is like nothing else you will ever experience in life. And considering driving your car is more risky, I'll jump out of a plane any day of the week to get that rush b/c you sure as hell aren't getting that rush driving your car. And it's more risky.


    Why do people drive cars when it's more risky then sky diving? I just don't get it.
  6. Been having night mares since seeing this old birds body rolls flappin in the wind. If I saw that as the instructor I'm sorry but I would have cut her loose.

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