When should we leave Iraq?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CaptainObvious, Nov 10, 2006.

How long?

  1. This weekend

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  2. 1 year

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  3. 2 years

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  4. More than 2 years

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  1. Someone tell me what would be the difference if we left this weekend, or a year from now? IMO, there will be no real different outcome whether we leave today, or 1,2,3,4,5 years from now. Soon as we're gone, the place goes up for grabs. This shithole and it's people weren't worth the first American we lost. It damn sure isn't worth several hundred/thousand more.
  2. i think we should announce that we are leaving after the next iraq election. then we do what we can to make sure its a free election and cut them loose after its over. that way we can save some face and claim we achieved our objective.
  3. We should extend them a 2 year guarantee like Bush extended to Rumsy, then find a replacement as babysitter...
  4. One day or one decade from now wont matter. The end result will still be sectarian violence and dictatorship.
  5. That Iraq war is like being in a trade Long 50,000 shares, when the CEO of the company comes on NBC declaring that they've been cooking finantial statements for a while and they've been broke for a couple of years... time to get the hell out...
  6. Pull the troops out to our bases in Kuwait wait 6 months until they are finished killing each other and there is a much smaller population to babysit and then move in again.
  7. tomorrow mornin' would do fine, maybe better tonite.
  8. Nothings going to happen until that taj mahal embassy is finished, for a start.

    How secure do they think the country would have to be, before they could leave that with any fewer troops guarding it than are already there?
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    Three years ago.
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    Leave now. Keep 40k troops on a secure base and get the other soldiers out of harm's way. Really, this is a shit pot country and our vesting so much in it is ridiculous.

    That way, the US has a footprint there, costs go way down and fewer lives are lost.

    George Dickface, Scummy, and Paul Spermer so fucked up the the "reconstruction' it's a lost cause now.

    But most Americans are so easily tricked another Bushesqu clown will end up in the White House before 2024
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