when should i leave?(trend trading)

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    I am a new trader,nice to meet all your guys!

    i know there are too many great traders here,so i want to solve my problem with your help!(Sorry for my pool english)

    i just follow trend,do the break.i just in when the stock breaks,and if it goes back,i will leave.

    But if it goes up as i wish,it goes higher and higher,when should i leave and then i can keep my money?
  2. Trailing stop?
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    I think what he is saying is (correct me if I am wrong) is when do I sell winning trades. If that is your question then my responce would be when the price action breaks an important trend line going in the wrong direction.
  4. Money managment is just as important in my opinion. One of the easiest ways to do this is to implement a stop loss as another poster said and simply move it up along with the market.
  5. don't follow trends. reversion-to-mean is where best money is made.
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    reversion-to-mean ?

    what does that mean?
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    The trend is your friend until it bends..
  9. He is talking about value investing
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    when price hits resistance.
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