When should I buy a Bloomberg Terminal

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    hi, my 1st time to be here, Im a businessman(Chinese citizen) in China mainland, and got an account in one of the big broker in NYC, and as right now my investment is not so large, just a very little, and I want to know that, once i achive what kind of money level, then I can use Bloomberg terminal, 'cause right now i think its not that neseccery. but i ve already contact with the salsman in China Beijing, and also been to their office to have a real look about it and got a comprehensive understanding for the prizing issues, so right now , i just want to have an idea for when should i buy that, i should buy it untill i achive what kind of money level???

    i really hope some could help me out of it...i ll be really appriciated....

    and right now, iam trying to use the E-signal products for the short term use, cause its cheaper then BT
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    hi, if there someone could help me about this?????????

    thanks so much

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    BT is a $1600 USD per month lease for two full years contractual committment.
  4. There is a simple answer but not sure it will help.

    You should buy one when it will you make more money from having it, than the cost of the hire.

    Only you can answer that as it will depend on amongst other things the size you trade and the style.
  5. It doesnt make sense for accounts less than USD 2 mil. But it's not just the account size, it's the products you trade, trading style, etc.
    If you can trade now without one, why worry about it?
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    yeah, the prize i asked in Beijing office in China in May this year is around 1800USD per month, so i want to know that until my investment asset achieve what kind of level then i can nessecerily buy BT??
  7. waste of money you dont need one
  8. Plus exchange fees
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    yeah, i think it makes sense , 'cause for the Bloomberg i just very interested about it, Im in China which is very lacking the stream service like that, so right now i prefer to use E-signal....
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    yeah,,,the 1800USD jsut for the software, and with no connection to any exchange....

    so , im wondering if u guys can share what kind of streaming software u r using for trading??????????????????/
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