When refering to zzzzzzzzzzz what name do you use?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by gunslinger, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Im simple "zz".
  2. Douchebag...Lozzzer...Sick Demented Maniac...Lonely Troll...etc.

    Any of those will do. :)
  3. zEvader, the Disgusting Troll, LoZZZer.

    Lately, Teleologist and jampilier will also work.
  4. I used to call him reZZZinate back when fair and balanced moderators controlled the community lounge.:)
  5. roar, lots of z's fans here.:D

    i call him 'el zizzo.
  6. griffins


    I call him daddy.
  7. Defendant
  8. Patriot.

    Has the guts to stand up to this military regime. Of course that scares away so many State sheep who grovel at their leaders' feet, hoping that the military industrial machine throws them a bone.

    The Sheep are the same type of people who willingly work in the gas chambers, and gulags (like at Gitmo and Abu G). Thump thump on the bible of hate.

    I vaz just following ze orders!
  9. Wow, sounds like you have a serious man-crush on ZZZ.

  10. LOL!!!!
    Someone refers to ZZZ as "Patriot"??? I thought this was a joke at first glance!!! YOU GO TORONTO!!!

    Good God... Im curious as to what he calls you.
    #10     Dec 4, 2006