When only the finest, tastiest JuNk FoOd will do...

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    Thaw these babies through and through. Room Temp.
    Serious Carbo THreat. Crank down some Fiber, Ceylon Cinnamon...
    Goes well with fresh, sliced, broiler toasted, heavy buttered Krispy Kreme croutons Piled on.
    Consult your doctor first.
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    Hey, no fair, that looks like actual food! Lol. Kidding, bring it on. Bling food. Yom.
    Took part in roasting a Good Sized Piggy on a spit once in gravel lot outside a motel that had just been sold. Couple kegs, band, the whole schmear.

    Take home message.
    In the ice vending cabinet can be a good place to hang out to cool down, chicks dig it.

    Take home lesson, Approach the roasting zone with Extreme Patience when you think you just gonna walk up and snatch a nice roasted delicious tasty morsel of piggy . That Plywood sheet is not wet with water, that's pork fat melted all over that baby, the second slipperiest substance known to man.

    No matter how many times the band announced, watch your ass around the piggy, its slick, well people always think they are talking so some dumbass, because They know how to do it.

    One hotfoot and assbusting,....coming up!

    Pig was tre bon!
    beer was ice cold spud salad by the bucket full and no complaints were lodged, the long arm of the law was not at all bothered. Good time was had.

    Roast a Piggy Today, simple, easy, good patience practice.
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    Twinkeys and Twinkey Dip
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    Did you know that you could inflate an old school twinkey to the size of a nerf football by kramming a redywhip nozzle in one end and let the games begin? May still work, time to find out, post pics please if you do.
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    Let's go Camping, get some sunshine, exercise, fresh healthy air
    and seriously crank up the blood sugar to top it all off.
    How can it really campin' without Smores? *twitch twitch*

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    Big AAPL

    Where I live fast food means the local pizzeria with fresh ingredients. Nothing processed and the only toppings outside of fresh mozz is mushrooms
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