When One Should Sell The Farm And Go Long...

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  1. 5 Things that Are Obviously Bullish...

    When One Should Sell The Farm and Go Long...

    1. Washington DC Gets Nuked No Politician Survives... Very Bullish Go Long

    2. A Plague Kills all But A Few Traders in California - Go Long

    3. Dragons attack LA & set off an Earthquake - Half USA falls into Sea - Go Long REITS

    4. Aliens Land and Mate With All Available Females - Go Long (More Consumers Created- Better Earnings)

    5. Moon Crashes Into Texas - Go Long Mineral and Infrastructure Companies

    see not so hard...Please Add Yours ...


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  2. 6. Because the fed stands ready to bailout everyone and the markets know it.
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    the best part was when they kept bringing up "moral hazard". Now I think we should have an Alfred E. Neuman picture with MORAL HAZARD above his picture, and "What me worry?" below it :)
  4. I dont understand the 50bps. Yes, I dont know whats going on behind the scenes, but it seemed like the fed went for shock and awe.

    I suspect we are so far into the asset inflation and financialization game that no one knows how to go back so were just going to let it go on until something fatal happens.