When neo-cons like Frum give it up...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dr. Zhivodka, Jul 27, 2006.

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  2. Yes, me too sadly.

    This abortion of a war is the blind leading blind...always has been.

    It's a tragedy of highest degree, one that people on both side of the aisle blame on each other. Complete and utter fools, both sides, one and all.

  3. Where are those neocon repugnantcans who supported this war, who attacked those who said it was going to be a total fuckup....

    Where are they with their mea culpas?

    One of the biggest crack ups, though quite sad, is that Kerry was telling people during the election that if he was elected that he was going to send more troops to Iraq...

    Of course the repugnantcons said he was wrong...

    Those same repugnantcons are now admitting that Bush and company have been dead wrong...
  4. Z, if it is done it is done. Those who have supported this war have only done it out of a sense of patriotism and their is nothing wrong with that at all. A good analogy would be if you took a really nice muslim that was good hearted despite their perverse religion, I think they should probably be allowed into heaven.

    We probably do need to send more troops to Iraq, and that comes from someone who thinks it was ill advised and that the President should be impeached because of his lies that got us into it. However, we do not need to simply walk away from the mess we have created.
  5. I think it was a bad sense of partisanship, not genuine patriotism.

    Bush has to put the ego aside, and do what is right.

    If it is right (questionable) to send more troops, where are they coming from?

    That was the question in my mind when Kerry wanted to send more troops.

    We are talking about a draft, and you know it.

    We are likely stuck with Bush, but just look at the polls, he has lost America.

    His only chance to regain the support he needs is to be 100% honest, which means an admission of failure. We have lost the battle....which doesn't mean we have lost the war, but things have to change.

    Fire all the advisers who got us in this mess, bring in advisers from both sides of the aisle who accurately predicted what would and is happening, bring in the UN, make it a problem that has a real solution.

    Enough of this primitive tough talk BS from Bush, which doesn't work any more...

  6. Screw this, I can't be almost in agreement with you. I hereby reject what I thought was pragmatic thought and am gonna watch FOX continuously until I am brainwashed into thinking GWB is the Greatest Leader this country has ever had.
  7. The problem wasn't the war, it was the occupation and the poorly conceived plan for it. Unfortunately, the centerpiece of that plan, installing democracy, was not well thought out. Frankly, if we continue with the current plan, I think we could send the entire US Army there and it wouldn't make things much better. Fortunately, I have provided an alternative plan that will lead us to victory.
  8. I have provided an alternative plan that will lead us to victory.

    Thus far we have not been victorious, we have failed to win sufficient hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.

    Your plan won't accomplish that.

  9. 1. Run for an office and see how far you can get.

    2. Unless you can discredit Bush completely, no one will take your plan seriously.
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