When junk starts flying

Discussion in 'Trading' started by easyguru, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. When low priced stocks make these kind of explosive move, a top might be near as quality stock gets distributed and traders chase a narrow set of momentum stocks. Or the market might be headed for runaway move.

  2. So essentially you are saying the mkt might go up....or might go down? :confused: :D
  3. nkhoi


    ... a top might be near [​IMG]
    Or the market might be headed for runaway move. [​IMG]

  4. My personal read is it will go down because I see very few breakouts to all time high while tons of breakouts from bottom.
  5. The runway move also always ends in a climax top.
  6. I wish I had bought MACE or IPIX last week.


    You could have bought MACE at 11:20 (EST) today....and sold it one hour later for a 100% gain.
  8. gms


    Yeh... you could've also gotten on board CDCY a few days ago to ride the trend and gotten slammed today. Hindsight's great.
  9. I hope you did...
  10. I suppose that with good money management (stops) we could make money in these high fly-stocks?
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