When it is time 2 buy

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock_trad3r, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. it is time 2 buy

    I wonder what happened with tradertim's puts?
  2. cortez27


    He was stopped out yesterday on many of them. And more today I would imagine. He is probably watching for a new entry point in the upcoming days or weeks based on TA.
  3. The guy is putz if he doesn't admit on his blog that he was wrong and concede to the bulls or atleast try to PROVE his bear case. No more flipflopping.

    This is just the start though of something bigger

    the market isn't done yet

    Expect continuation

    the nasdaq is only 50 points off 2500

    The dow is at 12400..only a few hundred poitns off high

    The double bottom perfectly formed last week
  4. It is actually time to sell, the data out of the Fed was not strong but rather very weak, Ben has conceded that things do not look as well as his previous thoughts. This "pop" is all about short covering pain to the guys holding short ES. Go and actually read through the data, you would be blind to find it bullish in nature to the equities.
  5. Stop bullshitting. He admit numerous times when he got burned!!!! What the heck is your agenda. He's a good guy, what's wrong with you!!!
  6. he has a book coming out.

    And yet he has been dead wrong thus far

    Anyway its a free country.