When Israel Bombs Iran How Will Market React?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Dec 14, 2009.

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    Israel has given Obama until Christmas to find a diplomatic solution to the Iran nuclear issue.


    It may not happen on Christmas or even by the end of the year but what will the markets do when this surprise attack is launched?
  2. well maybe Iran will lob one of their nukes into Israel and then the ultimatum will go away

  3. When Israel bombs Iran and knocks out their nuke ambitions. I'll eat my hat.

    Israel is highly unlikely to make any sort of geopolitical move without it's big brothers ok. In fact it's more likely that Israel con's American into whacking Iran for them.
  4. long CL
  5. The U.S. Military hierarchy in Afghanistan is already helping to attack Iran (the citizenry), through massive amounts of poppy production transferred over to Iranian Mulllahs for their profitable distribution (and internal nation distraction)......LOL.......just ask Pat Tillman!

    OOPS....forgot, they OFF'd him already! :eek:

    Yes indeed, Pat Tillman could have written one hell of a good book about the realities of Afghanistan.......I can see it now on the bookshelf of any Barnes & Noble.......

    "Fields of Screams"
  6. It's the Middle East. Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. The more Israel postures like they're going to strike, the less likely it is. This is all about leverage.
  7. Tillman was killed by Bush and Cheney.

    When Bin Laden was cornered, Cheney had the army stand down to let Bin Laden get away.

    Tillman was going to out these treasonous bastards and that's why he was offed.

    Don't forget Bush family and Bin Ladens family have financial dealing that go back many decades. Started when Sr. was in charge of the CIA before the imbecile Reagan was arranged into power.

  8. This topic has already been adressed by the USA. Due to political constraints, sometimes diplomatic channels are unconventional - but the message is just the same.

    Zbig Brzezinski: Shoot Down Israeli Planes if They Attack Iran

    Guys like Zbig don't flap their gums for nothing. This was a coordinated realpolitik message IMHO.

    Zbig, by the way, crafted Carter's Oil at any cost Middle East Doctrine that continues to this day.
  9. WRONG.......quit falling for the "leaked" fake stories for the non thinkers......sheesh! :eek:
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    It's gonna be go down---way down. But, wouldn't it be a great Christmas present???
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