When is the summer vacation for traders ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by joesan, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. joesan


    Hey guys summer is coming !

    I heard in summer vacation , the trade is slow in the market as many traders go out of the town to have fun. My question is : when does the summer vocation start and end ? And is this summer vacation for people from all walks of life or only for traders ? And if possible , could you share with us what will you typically do in a summer vocation.
  2. It starts when you start losing all your money, or it starts when you are making a ton of money...if you are breaking even, you dont take a vacation.
  3. i'm spending the summer getting drunk as hell living on food stamps. see i have no money left after the crooked market broke me. i assure you 99% of the people on et won't be trading in 5 years
  4. Whaaaaaaaaa

    Wah - Wah


    You were never a trader anyhow. You were/are a Gambling Addict. Don't try to scare off all the noobs who (hopefully) aren't as inept as you. You're not a trader anymore, so leave (you've been here all of a week anyhow). If you want support, go cry in the Psychology forum. If you want to learn from your mistakes (note the plural pronunciation) then spend your time reading the vast amount of posts and threads at your disposal here on ET. Just don't go around whining like we should feel sorry for you, the people who make it don't feel a bit of empathy for you (not because you lost big, but because you are a Gambling Addict). This is a tough game, but it's all about winning, and sometimes that means taking money from suckers like you. It has been said that by taking a position, any position, what every trader is really saying is "the guy who just sold to me is an idiot." Unfortunately, someone in the stock market has to be an idiot. You lost $400,000 in under two months. You are an idiot (a Gambling Idiot at that) and you deserve no sympathy. I don't care if you stick to your own thread "I lost 400k..." and bitch about how trading is a game that can't be won, whatever, just don't go spreading your filth over the rest of the board. Leave it to the people who like to hear horror stories, not others who are here to learn or share positive thinking.

    "A fool and his money are lucky enough to get together in the first place."

    All that being said... I'm on vacation until August, unless we hit some major volatile trends consistently, then I'll pick up where I left off...

  5. joesan


    Hi, guys

    So what have you done or what will you do in this summer vacation. For me, the prolonged super volatility has prevented me from getting out, though I have been looking forward to this summer vacation for a long time. Anyway as the summer is leaving, I decided I should let go my concerns for the market and take a week or so off. I plan to go to some mountain in midland China in September, though it is toward autumn , but still very hot here, 28-34 celcieus degree recently.Making some climbings,swimmings, eatings, readings and looking for other funs available at the location.

    So how is your summer vacation going this year ? It is always a pleasure to return to old threads.