When is the latest you can enter a Market On Open Order for NYSE stocks?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Sky123987, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. I thought it was 928, but I entered one after 928 and it worked
  2. Mikecon


    Depends on the ecn, diffrent ecns diffrent cut of times
  3. NYSE
  4. fbell50


    I've had NYSE MOO & LOO orders accepted seconds before the open, even after 9:30. Nasdaq must be entered by 9:28.
  5. gtgtgt3


    On NYSE stocks sent to the NYSE, you can send them anytime BEFORE the stock opens. Sometimes an NYSE stock will open well after 9:30am EST, especially if there is news on it.

  6. Mikecon


    There are different gateways to Nyse specialist. about 5 of them on some platforms. some have 9:28 cut off time some 9:29 and some till specialist opens.
  7. JulesIII


    NASDAQ stocks have to be entered before 9:28. For NYSE, as long as the stock hasn't opened yet it is still good to send.