when is the deadline to run for US president?

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  1. anyone know when a candidate must announce they are running? i tried searching for this but couldn't find the answer.

  2. This might be a trick question. Before we disclose the answer,are you planning on running for president? If so, be sure you carefully consider some candidates questions.

    1 Have you ever had a bad experience with butane?
    2 What was your favorite childhood farm animal and why?
    3 Are NBC's sitcoms must-see TV for you?
    4 Are you familiar with the works of Ron Jeremy?
    5 Are you gettin' giggy with it?
    6 Can you do the Humpty Dance?
    7 Are you down with OPP?
    8 What KISS song best describes you?
    9 Do you too feel the people's pain and does it hurt?
    10 Which cartoon character best expresses your personality: Droopy, Ren, or Stimpy?
    11 Would you ever consider keeping a ball python or a Nile Monitor lizard for a White House pet?
    12 What is the average air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    13 How would you classify your political message: dull, boring, or non-original?
    14 How would you explain your tax proposal to a homeless person?
    15 Would you ever consider hiring a mime as Press Secretary?
    16 Did you ever have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky?
    17 When will I ever get my money back from the tax cut?
    18 Would you ever consider a song by Johnny Paycheck for your official campaign song? (For the clueless, Take This Job and Shove It.)
    19 Polka-dots or stripes? Bunny or Mickey Mouse slippers?
    20 Have you ever walked your dog in public?
  3. just answer the question thanks
  4. It's a State by State issue. IOW's there's no "national" date. Major party candidates selected at their national conventions are exempt from petition gathering. To run in a primary though you must file before certain dates in certain states.
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    Lucky you, I have found your question interesting. So in the State of MA in 2004, the presidential primary was in March 2, 2004, but the filing deadline was Jan. 2nd, 2004


    Now I am not sure and too lazy to check other states, but I would say somewhere around 2008 early january...