when is the best time to buy computer equipment?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dividend, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. it used to be in march, /after/ the christmas holiday, since that is when the manufacturers come out with new models and the old ones get dumped into the discount bin. is it still in march?

    im looking to purchase new computer equipment (pc, monitors, everything) and wait for 1 or 2 months (christmas holiday sales) but not until march...

    anyone in the IT or computer biz that knows about this stuff? thnx
  2. dell was almost giving stuff away this spring. very few deals this time of year. i think they like to get all they can out of the back to school crowd.
  3. lol. yah, i bought one a few months ago but need more now... dell is still a price taker cuz of competition, so i wonder if there will be another round of price war/slashing in the coming weeks.

    also i noticed a bunch of new cellphones are coming out this quarter. these will be slashed in march also. bah! :D
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    I bought my new Dell in Jan, and now the price is almost $400 higher for the same exact specifications.
  5. There will be some nice deals on Black Friday as always. Thats the Friday after Thanksgivings.
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    Dell's brilliance is moving inventory. Buy Dell refurbished computers. As for the best time to buy, I don't know. Most people buy new computers, and that's seasonal. As for refurbished, however, its due to companies going belly-up and selling their work capital, and so on. Sometimes Dell is loaded with used computers, so they will slash refurbished prices, which are at a discount already. Same warranty.
  7. i buy a lot of refurbs but at this time dell is asking almost new price for them.
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    The Best time to buy is When you need IT. You also need to think in terms of time lost waiting. :)
  9. i bought 3 new dells and 4 ultra sharp 1905 monitors from jan to april and im amazed the prices are much higher now
  10. We buy quite a number of computers every year just to keep up with Microsoft's OS changes :)

    For the Dell computers we get, it seems they offer quite a number of specials every few months (free shipping, free mem upgrade, etc.) than makes the actual price you paid approx. similar to the Christmas pricing you get elsewhere.
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