When is new front month for 10 & 30yr futures

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Malinois, May 29, 2008.

  1. Malinois


    Can anyone tell me when the mkt will be trading Sept as the new front month for 10 and 30yr futures?

    Interactive brokers system would not allow my long order to go through because they say it is 1 biz day prior to notice. All the volume is still in Jun. Wondering if tommorrow the rest of the trading universe will begin trading Sept. as front month???
  2. The volume will shift towards Sep throughout the course of tomorrow(Friday)and on Monday the June contract will be all-but-forgotten.

    They won't let your long order go through because in the event of a problem and you holding a long contract overnight during the notice period you may have to enter into the delivery process and this would be a big problem.
  3. Could you please explain this detail?
    Why should a trader with a position be forced to the delivery of 100,000 USD in cheapest to delivery 10Y or 30Y Tsy for each lot before the beginning of the rollover (tomorrow)?
  4. IB has wierd rules, just buy the sep
  5. Hey Bernard,he won't be forced to delivery before the beginning of rollover(which actually won't physically start to proceed until we are in June),I said that in the event of a problem,i.e.,the clearer doesn't realise they have a June position until it is too late - I imagine that is why they halt June trading early in order to balance their books.This is not uncommon.

    As a general rule,you never trade a delivery month of US Treasuries when you are actually in that month,so in this case you won't trade June from the 1st of June onwards.