When is micro emini available on IB?

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    I saw on CME website that micro emini will be available in May 2019. Here we are.

    Do you guys know when IB will have? Especially IB IRA? I have many many multiples of the regular account margins for NQ, YM, ES but still can't trade them in my IB IRA because the margins on IB IRA for NQ and other eminis are ridiculous.

    I'm hoping the micro emini futures for IB IRA accounts will be smaller...
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    When is it available? The CME couldn't shout it louder if they tried.

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  3. Trading will start on May 6th for these instruments. However, according to IB's contract search engine, are these futures contracts already available. Example:
    description: "Micro E-Mini S&P 500 Stock Price Index"
    symbol: MES
    expiry: 21/06/2019 (MESM9)
    conid: 362699310

    Similarly are contracts for "Micro E-Mini Nasdaq-100 Index" MNQ, "Micro E-Mini Russell 2000 Index" M2K and "Micro E-Mini Dow Jones Industrial Average Index" MYM also available.
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    The day Bitcoin futures were launched, was at 20,000. I wonder if the day these micro contracts are launched...
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    I guess, ask your broker?
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    Different animal, different genre. Palindrome, go back and snuggle under those covers. Yer silly.
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    You're welcome!

    Here, have some silly music to celebrate!

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    It would make more sense to move your futures IRA to a FCM that provides SPAN margin on IRA accounts.
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    IB is expecting to offer micro-futures at the first day of trading.
    It makes sense to keep your IRA in a large FCM that cares about safety of funds rather than go to a small shop that is using minimal margin requirements for IRA accounts.
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