When is it time to really PANIC about the US $

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  1. What do you guys foresee as a catalyst to strengthen it? Obviously a rate hike is out of the question at this juncture for the time being...
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    a big catalyst would be the end of the iraq war
  3. good question.

    After watching the Jekyl Island movie on Google Video I'm thinking about starting to panic now...
  4. when Benny B. makes a prediction that inflation will be 2% for the next 3 years....

  5. Oil prices would go down, less demand for USD.

    USD goes lower.

    The answer is another war in the ME which effectively sustains crude prices above the $100

    The fact is the US is teetering at the edge of a depressionary cycle. The titanic has already hit the iceberg. The question now is how long before it sinks, not if.
  6. 74.80...WTF!

    A Fed cut would be even more disasterous, agree?
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    5 years ago :)
  8. another Fed cut will bring it to 70.
  9. what PANIC size are we talking about here?

    if serious panic is what you are asking, when the average american starts questioning the value of the dollar, and since the average american doesn't know shit from shit, this won't happen in a long long time, at least not until they wake up one day to see dollars wrapped as toilet papers


    "Inflation 1923-24: A woman in Germany feeds her tiled stove with money. The money was worth less than firewood."
  10. that German depression was bad. The government just started printing money and giving it to people it owed it to after the first world war.
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