When is it safe to upgrade to Vista?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by a529612, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Wait till at least SP1 patch?
  2. Jonathan


    I'm using Vista right now and I love it.

    Just my opinion though, so you'd have to try it yourself.

    As far as stability... I've been running Vista RC2 (beta) for over 3 months now and it hasn't crashed once.

    For whatever that's worth,
  3. agree, i'm running the RC beta of Vista on one of my backup trading PC's and its both fast & sweet looking.

    Stable, no crash issues at all in the 3 months I've been using it. I also like 64bit IE7 very much too.

    You need a decent spec PC to run it efficiently though, as it does carry a reasonable memory overhead compared with XP.

    I'm running it on a dual xeon 3.6ghz 2GB and have no complaints at all. Vista is fast to load, very fast to run.
  4. Does it take forever to boot up like XP?
  5. bout 10 seconds
  6. Adobian


    I read that the 64bit version is a lot faster and makes XP X64 looking like a flaw.
  7. I'm wondering if TradeStation has any plans for migrating to Vista soon...

  8. dinoman


    Think I will upgrade to Vista in about 8 years.
  9. rjmgroup


    You must still be on Windows 98 with that strategy. :D
  10. I've used the beta on another machine for some time.

    Thus far no problems worth mentioning.

    After vendor migration/ porting and SP1 I'll make the official change.

    Call me a skeptic but I've been down this road before.

    ....'bout a dozen times.:(
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