When is Iraqi OIL coming to market ?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by taodr, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. taodr


    I thought by now some of this Iraq oil would be flowing to the West. Where is it ? They say the infrustructure was damaged but wasn't Saddam selling oil illegally to lots of other countries. What is going on with that 2 million or so barrels ? There are some asking about gold and the rise in price but personally I thought Iraqi oil would lower oil to $15 a barrel in no time and start the economy forward. Then gold and Euro would drop. But I guess I didn't read it very well. But please , please don't tell me BUSH AND CO ARE GOING TO HOLD OFF ON THIS SUPPLY OF OIL UNTIL NEXT YEAR SO THEY CAN USE THE LOWER PRICE THEN FOR RE-ELECTION ! In other words they "saved " the economy but only at an opportune time. Notice there is also all of a sudden the promotion of "the shortage of natural gas and prices will double by the end of the year". Boy if timing is right shorting gold and oil will be profitable.
  2. It´s already over there in Turkey for someone to pick it up.
  3. That car outside with the tinted windows -- the one with the two guys in jet black suits and shades. They'd like to discuss something with you when you have a moment to come outside.
  4. I hear the Iraqi oil is being hoarded in Bush's personal stash. It's primo stuff.