When is IB going to compete with Velocity and Zoom on commissions, people will start

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by AloAlo, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. AloAlo


    leaving IB

    IB time to compete, margin and commission is substandard with IB

    Velocity Round trip 3.5 bucks

    Zoom broker even lower
  2. Bye, bye :)

    I'm staying because of margin.
  3. They never will . Can't ppl. figure it out. IB is good if you want access to all markets and don't give a squat about customer service.
  4. AloAlo


    what you can't control yourself

    what kind of a trader are you, newpie
  5. Stop bitching and switch already, geez :)

  6. AloAlo


    you are using Velocity

    I am gonna switch for sure

    you once told me you are happy with their executions

    hell they don't have 3 requirements for STOP that IB has
  7. I told you that like 35 aliases ago...not too quick on the uptake eh Coldie boy :p

  8. AloAlo


    no I am afraid I am not quick

    I hope you were quick with a stop loss on today's free fall 50 points in 3 seconds

    I know you were long :cool:
  9. moarla


    well bevore going to velocity check there deposit security :)))
  10. AloAlo


    you live in Italy and you perhaps are not informed about US

    the insurance IB offers will mean nothing pretty soon :(
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