When is enough finally enough?

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  1. Artful D0dger, the fartful codger, is on a mission. He regularly and almost exclusively posts racially motivated threads. One after the other. After the other. And so, the question is, when is enough finally enough?

    Baron and Joe, how important is the Stormfront contingent to your viewership numbers? And is there any principle that you wouldn't sell down the river?
  2. Lucrum


    First one of ET's "libtards" complains about mod "name calling" and now this. Have you dickless bleeding hearts ever considered just growing a pair of balls?
  3. Why? Would that turn you on? Judging by your post history, you seem to be really big on man parts.

    (Quick, post that quote that you have at ready reference on your night table by your bedside. You know the one.)
  4. Lucrum


    This one:

    Or this one:

  5. There you go. Feel manly yet?
  6. BSAM


    Too funny. I almost feel like we should be charged admission to these conversations.
  7. :)

    don't worry. Baron makes money from every single post on this site (including the one i am typing)
  8. When is enough finally enough of your mission to try to control what others post (and think, apparently)?
  9. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Maybe the government should take control of ET.
  10. wrbtrader


    ET has been mentioned a few times in Baron's magazine over the past years.

    Wouldn't be surprise if someone from the government, SEC or something isn't watching here and there considering the Nigerian spammers are along with the psychotic P&R individuals. :D

    Almost guarantee if some maniac does something NEWS worthy and authorities finds out he/she is a member of ET along with posting stuff here...ET will fall under a close scrutiny if it hasn't already.

    Big brother is watching.

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