When is EchoTrade coming to Seattle?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ElvisOnMargin, May 24, 2002.

  1. Their web site says "in the works". I know that some people connected with the firm are on this board.

    What is their deal structure for remote traders?

    Any info welcome.

  2. Elvis-
    The remote package is all laid out on their website. I can't speak for the setting up any offices, but one thing that might help is if you contact them and let them know that you(and any other traders you know) are interested in having an office in your city.

    I'm a remote guy for the last 2 months+ and I can say I'm a very satisfied partner.
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    I am going to be trading remotely, with echo. Do you use dsl/cable and do you have any problems with the connection to echo servers?....I use to have problems with realtick in the mornings. It would get stuck cause of all the data that was streaming in so fast.

    What is their software like?

  4. Well, I thought that if they open a local office, they'd hold some info sessions locally.

  5. Hi Elvis welcome to the board.

    Here is the commissions for the firm


    ECHO will open an office when at least 5 people are committed to future office location

    Robert Tharp
  6. Thanks Robert. Actually, I had checked the web site but I should have worded my question differently. The commission info is clear on the site, but I was looking for things like capital required vs margin levels etc...

    I'm at the exploratory stage for this and it might well be 6 months or more before I make a decision. However, I'd be looking to trade remote, so I probably would not enter into the equation of people commited to an office.

    I have seen a thread about sponsorship for the serie 7 exam on ET, but I'd like to know how it works exactly, ie what kind of commitment has to be made by the sponsoree (if that term is correct) towards the sponsor firm.

    Thanks again for the follow-up

  7. Pound-
    I use a cable modem. I also had Realtick in the past and had at least 1 problem per week with the feed.
    In the little more than 2 months with Echo...I've only been kicked off line 1 time.
    The software is great . I use the Sterling program which is similar to Realtick...and I've actually grown to like more. The good thing about it is they're always trying to make it better. And I have e-mailed the Sterling guys directly and they sent a responce a day later.
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    That they're always trying to make it better, to me, is just another promise for the future. I assume all dev teams (RT3, Cyber, TS6, IB, etc.) are trying to make their software "better", so that's no selling point.

    But the fact that you've grown to like it more than RT3 is very interesting to me. Could you please list out the things about the Sterling software you like better? Thanks.
  9. Magna-
    It may be that I really enjoying the lack of data loss more than anything, but I'll try to point out a few things I like about Sterling. RT3 may have one or all of these things now , I haven't used RT in 6months or so.

    1)Sterling has seperate windows that you can configure any way on your screen. I run 2 monitors..and it seems easier to have seperate windows as opposed to RT3 which was one big window that you had to spread across the desktop. That might create a problem if you have different size monitors ..but I'm not sure.

    2)i like that I can turn the mouse wheel and the symbol will toggle in the order entry window

    3) order types like MOC , OPG, etc...RT3 may have this, but I don't remember 'cause I was at a retail place and I don't think they offered that.

    4)on my main stock watch (i have about 40 stocks on it) I like that I can see the last 3 trade sizes(this is good for listed stocks, probably not helpful for nas)..and it also has a box called 'trend color' or somethig like that...basically has six small boxes that show red or green for the last 6 trades ..so at a glance you can see the last few directions(i've seen this on other programs , but i don't thik i had it with RT3)

    I will say that they're are some things that Sterling doesn't have that Rt3 does. My favorite window on RT3 was the "TALAlarms" box. I always had the window open, set to show me any S&P 500 stock that was hitting a 52wk hi/lo or intra day hi/lo.
    Also RT3 has easy to set alerts...and the ability to set trailing stops. Sterling does not yet have these features, but I hae sent e-mails about it.
    Again, it may be that I'm just really enjoying the connectivity to the ECho servers. They seem almost flawless, even during high volume days.

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    Very much appreciate your answer, thanks. BTW, something you mentioned, if you spread RT3 across multiple monitors of different sizes the key is that they are set to the same resolution (i.e., 1024x768). Then nothing will be clipped, otherwise....
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