When i was at school...

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  1. I am talking back in the early 1980's all the poor kids picked the pennys from the school playground- and we used to cry " you grovelling jew"- regardless of class/colour or creed.
  2. Back in the day when I was a mover. You move wealthy people, never find a dime nickel or penny anywhere. Pick up the couch, zip nada nothing. Take out the dryer, it doesn't rattle with change.

    Oth, when we moved the po ass mofo's, the dregs, etc, change in the couch, change in the dryer.

    Me? I pick up pennies. Is it worth it. Not really, but ya gotta respect money and you have to start somewhere.

    If I could save one penny a mile driving, back then it was worth about 3k a year. just sayin.
  3. I thought that what was the peasants mentanality
  4. " CHANGE" or " shrapnel"?