When I saw this headline, I knew something was up

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ChkitOut, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Pro-labor protesters in Wis. aim to keep the peace

    I thought, huh, that's weird. Why are they using this headline if the only people protesting so far is pro labor??? Are they fighting amongst themselves?? That can't be right. I smell a snake.

    Then I kept reading..

    MADISON, Wis. – The birthplace of the progressive movement is crackling with a fervor not seen in decades, as students from the famously liberal University of Wisconsin team up with unionized state workers for demonstrations against changes to collective bargaining rights pushed by the state's new Republican governor. The biggest rally yet was expected Saturday, along with an influx of conservative counter-protesters.

    As many as 40,000 people swarmed the Capitol on Friday, raising the noise in its rotunda to earsplitting levels as they rallied to block Republican Gov. Scott Walker's efforts to ease Wisconsin's budget woes by cutting many government workers' pay, benefits and bargaining rights.

    About 200 spent the night at the Capitol, and on Saturday morning, many walked around wearing signs declaring the protest peaceful. Several said they were concerned that the four days of violence-free protests would be disrupted Saturday when buses of tea party activists arrived.

    BINGO! Lets get out in front of the story just in case one of these crazy liberals starts a fight with a tea party member. Then we can say, SEE these tea party people are thugs! haha. How obvious. They haven't even arrived yet and already they are breaking out the violence card! hahahaha. How sad.