When GOOGLE lays people off...

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  2. Yea 100 recruiter, which is one of the lowest positions. Whats that; .10% of the whole workforce?:p
  3. You've been long GOOG for the last year, right?
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    I'm going to repeat myself again, google is headed below $200, then the next price target on google will be pre-ipo price of less than $100 a share sometime over the next 12-18 months.

    Sell now before 52 week lows set in.
  5. Corporations across the land have been stuffed full of people doing non-jobs. At times of recession, businesses, particularly big business, has to lop off giant shitloads of these non jobs and spend each dollar in revenue a lot more wisely.:eek:
  6. GOOG compared to Nasdaq, S&P and Dow since IPO. GOOG could easily drop to below $100.

  7. Google has so many internal recruiters they can axe 100 of them at a time...?

  8. the question is, what percentage of recruiters are they letting go? if they only had 120 of them before, then this is a hugely bearish sign for the company. the number of recruiters they have is proportionate to the number of people they intend to interview and hire.
  9. 100 out of 400.

    This is the first time Google has laid off anyone, and recruiters have the sole purpose of hiring employees (obviously).
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