When Everyone Panics! This signals the end!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stocktrader2007, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Everybody knows Crashes happened before. These crashes are all unexpected. Nobody can create a crash and expect a crash. When everyone panics on what would be tommorow for sure.. Means thats the end of the crash and the graph turns upwards from there. Mark this post. I will again post a reply (hopefully) once things settle in few days.
  2. Rest assured, Were all so anxiously awaiting your opinion on matters.

    Please hurry back and learn us some more education.....
  3. Stock turd, you bought the tops perfectly. When people like the buy high, sell low crowd like you panic, yes its a time to buy.

    Just the reverse when the mass media is in bull frenzy, orange tickers and all time high's and you buy into the madness, its time to sell.

    Don't worry, there is lots of money on the sidelines just begging to be put to work when the weak hands like you are shaken out.

    The point is moot since you play with monopoly money and trade on paper. You should of took your paper trading profits when you had them. Double down here if you haven't already maxed out your paper trading capital.:)
  4. When everyone signals the end, it's only the beginning!
  5. u going back to wash those toilets and raise capital again?
  6. King Bernanke saves the market.
  7. these crashes? there hasn't been a crash yet...
  8. Buddies, Its not a crash.. Crash is a little different. We are not yet into such situations..