When Elitetrader Token or NFTs?

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    The token or NFT could give users special discounts or perks with the sponsors of the forum (but only the ones who wish to participate), it could also be used to vote on proposals on how to make the ET experience better, plus other ideas I cant think of right now. The big advantage of having a user type token is that users go from merely using, to becoming raving fans of the website. They are more likely to recommend to other people, they become more engaged, they make suggestions, they might behave better, they become quasi-owners of the website. Its similar how companies use equity to align incentives with employees. If instead of earning likes people earned the token, then they would have a pretty big incentive to produce content that other people would like, share and link to others

    Tokenization and NFTs in the internet is likely to be huge in the next 10 years and I think ET could be part of that
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    Another idea, if people open accounts or buy the services of the sponsors, they earn more ET tokens. The verification and crediting of tokens could be done via web3 or by having users submit their receipts/welcome email to a contractor in India
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    anyone can create a token and wallet. solidity and solana are popular. However, time costs
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    Interesting idea. Thanks so much for planting the seed! I will investigate this for sure.
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    The first NFT you should offer up? Your avatar pic...The happy "Surfs' up, dude" vibe, hehe.

    This way they will know it is The Original and Bestâ„¢
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