When Economy Truly Sours (It's Just Begun), Only Then Will Obama Be Popularly Tested

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  1. The crash is coming, with most likely 15 to 17 million unemployed Americans by next fall (officially; unofficially, it will be closer to 20 million), and we'll see how popular Obama is in 2010 and 2011.
  3. The government will NEVER admit that many jobs losses. As it is, they are reporting maybe 70% of the actual number (probably much lower).

    If they ever admitted 17 million Americans out of work, the true number would be 30 million plus.

    Somehow Fidel Obama would spin that into a positive (kind of like the "good news" that Americas third largest automaker went bankrupt).
  4. There are 13 million unemployed now, fellas, with another 11 million Americans looking for full time work.

    15-17 million unemployed within 12 to 18 months is not at all impossible; in fact, some may claim it's potentially likely.

    First, let us break down the numbers:

    Civilian Labor Force: 154,048,000

    Unemployed: 13,161,000

    Part-time for economic reasons: 9,000,000

    Marginally attached to labor force: 2,100,000

    Total unemployed, part-time, and marginally attached: 24,261,000

    Unemployment rate using above metrics: 15.7 percent


  5. I think Barry like Slick Willie be will be re-elected as surely as the Teflon Don, John Gotti got a free pass on his first major trial.

    The Democrat majorities will pay the price of populist anger in 2010 just like they did in 1994. Boys like Foley, Jack Brooks and Danny Rostenkowski NEVER saw it coming and never knew what hit them. So shall it be again. The Republicans are so incompetent and so unorganized that Democrats feel invulnerable, but NOBODY will be voting FOR Republicans, they just be voting out the party who has become most associated with the OBSCENE Gubmint bailouts.

    It is hard to find a bigger idiot in the United States than Arlen "magic bullet" Specter.

    Just like the investor that always loses because they seem to commit at market tops, so it is with the boy from Pennsylvania who falls in love with sound of his own voice time and time again.

    When Specter switched parties, that was a signal of Democrat Party top if there ever was one.
  6. as long as the top runner in the republican side is sara palin obama has nothing to worry about.
    if sombody with the intellect of newt or rommney looks like they have a chance then maybe. the problem is anybody who is moderate on social issues and has a brain cant make it through the primaries dominated by the christian right.
  7. McCain made it through those primaries, and he was pretty much the last choice of the Christian right. He had openly attacked them when he ran against Bush.
  8. And you saw what it got the Republicans. By default and forced by the bible thumping right the Republicans picked the lowest common denominator. Were they rational we would have President Magic Underoos now instead of this guy.

    The bible thumpers need to take
    Texas and the South and get going already. Vamo nos!!

  9. There is a hidden secret to Texas. The redneck girl. I dare you to defy me on this. :D
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