when ECBOT runs, IB disconnected

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by ADX_trader, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. I noticed since yesterday that when the prices of those ECBOT futures running fast the IB TWB would have problem. Either disconnected or the quotes could not updated fast enough. Anyone got the same experience? I am sure this is not the problem of the ECBOT or my own computer because I have other broker's platform and my chart program, they all show the correct quotes.
  2. Hmmm.... I've had TWS flashing on and off (just for a fraction of a second) most of the morning on my FA account.

    Universal Account hasn't had a glitch.

    Maybe certain IB servers are having issues again (at least that was the way IB C.S. explained it to me the last time.) Yesterday, everything was down for e-cbot, but GLOBEX quotes were fine for both accounts.
  3. Yesterday ECBOT wan't down, my chart program show me every tick of the ZN/ZB in real time. Only IB was down!!!!!!!
  4. Correct...IB had e-cbot data problems throughout the day after the FED announcement, especially during the first 10 minutes post announcement.

    Apologies if the context clues did not draw you to the conclusion that I was specifically discussing the fact the all e-cbot quotes were down as relating to IB, not in general.

    With the amount of exclamation points you posted in your response, I was worried that this troubled you, so felt it appropriate to reply :D
  5. Here we go again . . . gotta love the timing of these blackouts eh? :)
  6. It might just be that their sampling software gets overwhelmed when the volume goes ballistic. Anyone notice if the same happens for other exchanges?