when dying will you publish your edge or leave it to family

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when dying will you publish your edge or leave it to family

  1. YES I will leave it to my son/daughter

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  2. NO my offspring can rot in hell.

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  3. aaa....well....I have no edge to leave

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  4. this is such a complex question, can not be answered

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  5. no opinion, (ET is full of whackos :)

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  1. FutTrd


    Yes that's right, I try to come up with Original questions
  2. Cheese


    I will leave all my money to my family. The methodologies used will be kept as a family secret insofar as that is possible given that they are commercially used.

    That does not mean that someone else could not arrive at the specific answers contained in these methodologies. It always amazes me the extent to which there are not open minds elsewhere willing to do the work to utilize the offerings of markets and that instead rigid habits and outlooks coalesce around whatever works best, however mediocre, certainly in the world of amateur or independent traders.
  3. FutTrd


    I hear you cheese I hear you

    but certainly there is someone out there who will publish their edge in order to achieve some fame perhaps
  4. zdreg


    a real edge is something that you can explain to someone but they cannot duplicate it anyway.

    even if you differ why not share it with them while you are alive?
  6. There are so many different ways to trade the markets that each 'system' can co-exist to a reasonable point (i.e. not all systems can be profitable) and not break the game.

    And the markets change so much and so constantly that your 'holy grail' might be nothing more than a relic in 10 years.

    I.E., what happens when you teach your kid the ultimate 'pit' trading system and the pits go away? Or short selling is only allowed after the third uptick? Or whatever.

    Much better to teach the kid how to trade and how to develop his own robust systems. The old "give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime" argument.

    And who better to teach him than you, if you have been so profitable?
  7. ill leave my system for my children. cant publish it cause it uses too much QA and a few anamolys which will just get exploited to hell if its published.
  8. Each day the little boy would wait and watch for the sun to come up..He didn't want to go to sleep because he didn't want the world to end....night after night, he stayed up, looking out his window at the starry sky, waiting for the sun to appear, only to fall fast asleep and upon waking he always wondered if he had died or if he was only dreaming...

    When I die, you will have to make other plans, because this world will stop....otherwise I will have been dreaming, and that means you weren't real to begin with...:)
  9. There is no edge there is only the Trader.
  10. I will not die. I just can't. Technically impossible.
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