When does UK start going into rescission

Discussion in 'Trading' started by thesharpone, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. who cares ?
  4. Sobieski


    what is a rescission?
  5. dtan1e


    first learn to spell before all else
  6. Mup


    Some regions already are.....
  7. perr


    when you learn to spell rescission.

    p.s. there's more to it then spelling.

    trade Well,

  8. because you don't pay enough taxes, schools have failed to provide me with sufficient knowledge of reading and writing, maybe when democrats win and income taxes reach 45%, sales taxes reach 14%, I will go back to school to learn how to spell, but I wonder if my spelling will be your first concern at that time
  9. just21


    I f you has seen Bond Street and Oxford street today you would know it is not happening this year.
    #10     Nov 10, 2007