When does the Tarp News Break?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cdntrader, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I see a Geithner speech @ 10am? will it hit pre market?
  2. when you see the huuuge white candle in the futures and the dollar make a red candle
  3. "When does the TARP news break......."

    ......the economy? VERY SOON! :eek:
  4. Look for a big rally suckering in the retail public to buy followed by the activation of massive selling programs to transfer the public's money to institutional accounts.
  5. Ribs


    geez do you have to say it like it is :eek:

    that is too direct for average person
  6. hahaha that's exactly how it is.

  7. hey the obama boot lickers deserve every last boot in the butt
  8. This is EXACTLY what transpired after the first TARP was announced: A two-day frenetic rally with the investing public buying & the smart money selling to 'em. Guess which side Stock_Trad3R is on. LOL :)

    :D :D

  9. Hey, "RIBS," aren't you the $hithead who stole a DVD from a public library, then joined ET just so you can brag about it?

    You're another sad one. StockTrad3r is juvenile but you're just sad.

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