When does the FX market data open on your platform

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by downrivertrader, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. I trade FX futures on CME so I don't get started on Sunday's until 6:00 PM EST. I use TradeStation and monitor the cash market always. My data from TS does not get going until 5:00.

    I am curious what time do other dealers open up on Sunday? Sometimes this is a big disadvanatage for me.
  2. I hear you... For this reason I have several platforms.
    Oanda and FXCM are open first (actually Oanda is open all the time) but since Oanda widens the spreads over weekend and until approx. 6pm Sunday it's practically useless for trading until that time. As far as I know only FXCM platform is open from
    2pm EST and with the same spreads!
    I can tell you I had some stellar moments between 2-6pm on this platform, it would swing 20-30 pips and then come back where it was at the beginning....well, you understand the rest.