When does marketposition change?

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    Let's say we are running a strategy on hourly bars on Tradestation.
    At the end of each bar we know the Low, High, Open and Close of that bar.
    With that information we can make calculation and send orders at the end of the bar.
    Therefore you have one bar delay betwen the data reception and the orders sending.

    but When do we know marketposition value?
    What happens when a stop is executed in the market within a bar?
    Do I know it at once or at at the end of the bar?

    In some forum I've seen
    this expression:

    "If marketposition = 1 and barssinceentry = 0 then Buy ... "

    I can't understand the meaning of than sentence.
    How can it be possible to be in marketposition = 1 if barssinceentry is 0,
    Shouldn't barsinceentry be at least one?
  2. tradestation does allow intrabar decision and analysis....
  3. If the trade is placed at the close, then at that point it is valid.
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    Decision and analysis but not execution, isn't it?
    Or do you mean you get marketposition change information instantly even if you are working with bars?