When does BOONE PICKENS shut up?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Sep 15, 2008.

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    Ok so pickens had no ulterior motives when he wanted us to all buy his nat gas and wind schemes.Now that oil is down 50$ since he started promoting his plan when will he stop yapping?I guess his plan came right at the top.A classic sell signal.Too funny.
    Actually i hope we do go to wind but its just remarkable how he timed the top perfectly.
  2. Yeah, he's just as lost as everyone else in this market. Last week on CNBC, he said that oil wouldn't drop below $100, because OPEC liked it above there, but not below that $100 level. His hedge fund lost 35% in July I hear. That's alot of money when you're managing multi-billions.
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    august must have been great for him too...
  4. Yeah, apparently they decide at the beginning of each month what their net positions are going to be for the month, put the trades on, and ride it out. Some real Mexican-Sweat type of trading.
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    you know they had to be bottom fishing in august...depends on how good a knife catcher you are i guess...Wonder if financing will be any harder now for his windmills and nat gas stations plan???
  6. Probably not, there's alot of West Texas money that wants to see that thing go through. BP could go tits-up tomorrow, and the wind farm will be completed. Way too beneficial to too many folks not to be. Natural gas car conversions....now that's another story. BP might be talking his own book way too aggressively on that issue.
  7. 09/22/2008 14:32 DJ Pickens: Oil Will Return To $150/Bbl Next Year
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    he wants US to buy natural gas so that when Natural Gas goes from $10 to $50 he can make another 10 to 20 billion...