When does Bernanke summon the Plunge Protection Team?

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  1. The guy is trigger happy and terrified of a double dip. At what point does the market have to get to until wicked liquidity starts being pumped in from the PPT to prop up markets.

    Not serious with this post. Just bored. But it will probably be a good buy the dip situation tomorrow.
  2. When does Bernanke summon the Plunge Protection Team?

    Huh ?

    It's already here !

    Has been in overdrive since middle of last year at least.
  3. The PPT has morphed from "covertly preventing large, sustained market declines"... to goosing the markets with fanfare... (1) for the pleasure and benfit of the White House, and (2) to prove [hopefully] that the Fed Chairman's penis really isn't small..

    Has the world EVER been made better when a maniac decides he want to prove that his dick really isn't tiny?
  4. Where is that stock market funding guy.


    Even Cramer doesn't know what to think!

    I didn't want to see you get HOOKED. And you made me HOOKED.

    And this is what happens
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    this is the market's way of crying for more QE.
  6. benwm


    I think he meets with the guys at Goldman once a week.
  7. In order to get QE3 through he will need some sort of crisis for cover. I don't think they can keep using the unemployment rate as that may soon be coming down so Obama can get re elected.

    Oil is the real wildcard here, another QE and $150.00 oil is in the bag.
  8. I agree, cry like babies when the candy is almost gone.
  9. Broccoli man is not happy today
  10. yeah, it shouldn't take much more than 1 losing day to lock in QE3 as a must-have. remember those days long ago when there were *gasp* 2 down days?
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