When does after hours trading on the YM begin?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by ltc8008, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. ltc8008


    I tried to find the answer myself and I thought after hours trading began at 6:15 cst. Checking the market though I may be wrong. Can some one please let me know when after hours trading for the YM is available? Is it everyday including the weekends? Thanks alot and I apologize for the basic questions I have. Good luck ll and have a good weekend!
  2. ltc8008


    Sorry another question, do any of the e-minis trade during the hours of 4:00 cst and midnight? Thanks again.
  3. tyler19


    opens sunday night 7ish i think closes friday when the market closes.
  4. ltc8008


    thank you very much for your reply! Are any eminis available for trading in the off hours? Thanks again, have a great night.
  5. tyler19


    All the eminis are tradable 24 hours a day between Sunday night and Friday close.
  6. 2006


    YM has down time daily between 5:00 PM - 7:15 PM (EST)

    Opens Sunday @ 7:15 PM -- Closes Friday @ 5:00 PM (EST)

    You can look up trading hours at the exchange websites www.cbot.com or www.cme.com.

    The e-minis are not tradeable 24 hours a day !!
  7. tyler19


    2 hours whoopie do