When Do You Use What???

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    i have been infront of this stinking screen for the past 5 days trying to determine what indicators to use where. I like moving averages for their simplicity, but it seems like the behavior of the stock can change at any time to where MA is useless, and another method comes in play.

    what are the inidicators you use to confim moving averages?
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    Look @ MOST all the time frames;
    30 minutes to 30 years plus.

    One you get your main trend like 50 day ma;
    pay close attention/have one chart on 5 day chart,60 minute.

    True the stock can change at any time, but as practical matter;
    quite a few stocks are ''readable''/tradable/profitable patterns

    Forget about 5 minute noise chart they do change to much;
    5 minute candlechart =too long for short term traders;
    way too short for swing traders.

    :cool: May take years to read charts/profit;
    took Marty Schwartz about 10 years.

    Wisdom is profitable to direct
  3. money.
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    Oh really? 5 whole days? LMAO!
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    I mean 5 days straight...like non stop. never mind that past 5 years.....
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    I use the following:
    MACD, Stochastics, DMI
    I look for correlation between them. When they are all giving the same type of signals is usually a good sign in my experience.
  7. You'll need to study charts a lot more than 5 days.

    If you want to earn while you learn, then suggest you read up the posts by no_pm_please. The posts have got a wealth of information, quite literally. He explains a simple system which actually makes money. But you'll need to be disciplined enough to follow the rules of that system.

  8. Women's skirtlengths. The only indicator that is cointegrated with the financial markets :D :D :D
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    He does have grea info, oyu are right, i noticed the other day. He does index futures and is intra day correct? I am stocks...swing.

    I am leaning toward a simple moving average in the direction of the major trend with trendline break downs as stops....

    my eyeballs are starting to hurt...
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    re;Wisdom is profitable to direct

    Sunglasses,on sunny day help hurting eyes, keep your eyes cool ;
    mine are sensitive also.:D :cool: Look out a window occasionaly

    To repeat a pattern, may want to put this in your notebook;
    surely you have a notebook by now, right??????

    Not a prediction but that s the way MA[ma= also merger acquisitions] usually work, but not always work;
    COP, buyer ,=down %
    BR, target,= up%%
    [not that the numbers are that big all the time, but that the general pattern, including profit s usually there after announcement] COP had a better move day after
    :cool: .

    Keep it simple;
    and thats maybe a reason why Mark Weinstein had a bird feeder near his home office, window ,keeps from staring/straining @ a screen,all day
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