When do you think soros will cover?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bwolinsky, Apr 24, 2009.

When will Soros Realize he's missed his chance to cover?

  1. Never, he's big headed, and will hold through 50% Drawdowns if he has to before he covers at 600 on

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  2. In a few months he'll realize the getting is good, assuming we're a bit lower in a few months

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  3. He'll cover when the market reaches his price, even if he has to move the entire market by himself

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  1. So, one of the biggest traders on the face of the planet likes to bet against the Federal Reserve.


    When do you think he will cover and realize he's made a huge mistake by not covering when he should have?

    My vote is he will move the market himself just to be able to cover. Think he can't? He's only got about a trillion at his disposal, and I'm sure he can move the market down if he wants, but this will be a very fleeting moment in time. He might cover around 750 on the S&P I think, and probably realizes 666 is not happening again.