When do you guys trade?

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  1. Right now I am trading around 7-10pm and 2-6am EST, cutting my sessions shorter most of the time after Im satisfied with them and dont see any low hanging fruit left.

    Basically starting before Tokyo open and London open from the US East Coast.

    Though I am starting to think Im going to leave the asian session alone or automate my strategy there, since its dull as hell and the risk reward isnt always that great.

    So when are you guys watching the box?
  2. My regular schedule is supposed to be 4am - 6:30am (central); but often varies depending on circumstances - I like to get plenty of sleep. :)
  3. 4am(pacific) til 11pm
  4. when do you sleep? you must be taking some time off here and there....right? you trade forex?
  5. About like me. :D

    But only one day a week. I have a day job that fluctuates Tue-Fri or M,T & Th, F. So I trade on Sunday nights and either Mon or Wed from before sunrise to late evening. Day off isn't much of a day off to some but to me it's great. ES and oil Futures and equities for me.

    Just shorted ES at 929.25 hoping for small scalp before bed. :p
  6. At night while I'm working on side projects... I do mainly swing trades (1/2 - 2 days) so it's unnecessary for me to be watching constantly.

    7pm - 10pm is a good time.
  7. I trade forex, stocks and futures full time. I do sleep in between here and there. My trading is pretty much automated, so in case I fall asleep, I really dont miss much.
  8. Shefali


    Hi everybody. I’m just a beginner in forex, but I really wanna learn!!! :p
  9. 5a.m - 7p.m monday-friday eastern
  10. Those are hour are optimal for trading the JY and EuroFx ... and part of the US Session if you can squeeze it in. :)
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