When do we get common sense bomb control?

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    Albany teen bomb plot: Mom says son suffers from severe OCD

    (as if that's an excuse for building bombs)

    Students return to Albany schools today, nearly a week after authorities uncovered a bomb plot at the local high school modeled on the Columbine massacre.

    Here's a round-up on the investigation. Read to the bottom for the latest developments.

    First, some background. Grant Alan Acord, a 17-year-old junior at West Albany High School, was arrested Thursday at his mother's Albany home, where police confiscated numerous explosives from a hidden floor compartment in his bedroom.

    The Associated Press reports that Acord's alleged plot was no secret:

    Classmates of an Oregon teenager accused of planning to blow up his high school say the 17-year-old discussed bomb-making in the weeks before his arrest, but did not speak of a plot to inflict damage.

    Thomas Stone, who attends West Albany High School, told KATU-TV that Grant Acord discussed bomb-making materials with him in class a couple of weeks ago....
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    OCD - Hey, isn't that what Obama has?