When do traders do lunch in Chicago and NY??

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by maxpi, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. maxpi


    I'm trading from my house here in California, the YM, all day every day pretty muchly... it seems like about 9am to 11am Pacific time things just lose their zip... no follow through, less volume.. I've always attributed this to the lunch time in the big trading centers but never could quite pin down the exact time of it.. basically I'd like to take the worst hours off... any suggestions on that, maybe from traders in Chicago and NY? Are there more traders in NY than Chicago? Are people autotrading all the time and the lunch thing is an illusion generated by the bots to make me go to sleep at the switch.. what???

    Edit: sometimes there are some sudden big moves during the slow time, maybe the market is easier to drive at the slow time and some joker is sitting at his desk chewing a swiss on rye and decides to move the futs 30pts to pay for his new computer.. maybe I should set a bot to catch those moves and take a siesta from about 0900 to 1115.. I don't know really...

    Edit: Oops I found another thread, same subject, I don't really agree with the answers that I'm seeing though... whatever, I guess lunch is lunch, nobody is on THAT tight of a lunch schedule probably... otoh, how many come back drunk.. that could alter things in the post lunch trading...