When do IPOs start trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Babak, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. Surdo


    False, and who cares that you have a 7?
    ANYBODY can trade IPO's, you just are unable to short the first day or so. If you work for the underwriter, you can not trade in your PA the day of issue, or during the "quiet period".
    Your statements are up there in brilliance.
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  2. SteveD


    An IPO can begin trading ONCE the SEC has given it's final approval and the registration is OKed. All "Ts" crossed and "i's" dotted.

    The underwriter waits till the morning so they can better judge market conditions if they want to activate the approval process with SEC.

    Hard to short an IPO because no other BD has actual possession of the stock certificates as of opening. They won't have them for 2 or 3 days. No rule against shorting an IPO. The issue is how to get shares to borrow??

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  3. You mean the flippers that give the good ones away , right?
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  4. I have never seen an IPO pulled the day it was supposed to trade, because of 'mkt conditions' Nice fantasy.

    They wait until they can get some stability in the order flow.
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  5. wow it only took 3 up days for all the fast money crowd to chime in...Top anyone? right @ 1300? how symmetrical
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  6. Steve is right. Once when the registration is declared "effective" by the SEC it is free to trade.
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  7. Surdo


    The SEC "approves" new issues the night before for the next day's trading day.
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  8. LOL. When you revived this 4 year old thread yesterday you perhaps didn't notice that DeeMan hasn't posted on ET for over 4 years!

    I'm not convinced that you will get a timely response :D

    Good luck anyway!

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