When did your news service tell you about MAD COW?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cashonly, Nov 18, 2004.

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    This morning, there was an announcement on the possibility of another incident of MAD COW disease. Most of the news services have this out by 10:10am. The earliest I can find is Dow Jones with a blurb at 9:50am.

    But look at the usual Mad Cow suspects: MCD, WEN, OSI, TSN, SFD, etc. and it appears that plenty of people knew about 9:46 to 9:47am to get the stock moving.

    Does anyone have a news service that gave you the info before 9:50am? If so, which one was it?


  2. Neodude


    Bloomberg had the news at 9:45, supposedly 10 mins after the press conference from the USDA...
  3. troman


    9:53 on briefing
  4. alanm


    09:47:17 on Reuters:

    "USDA to brief on mad cow disease 'update' shortly"
  5. If you do not want to sound like an un-educated buffoon please do not refer to BSE as "Mad Cow" disease. It shows a total lack of understanding of BSE and shows a lot of ignorance.
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    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    You're missing the point of this thread. It was to get an idea of the most responsive news service. If I had a news service and was filtering to catch news ofthe disease turning up, I think a news story or headline with the term "mad cow" would hit the news wire before one with the terms BSE or "bovine spongiform encephalopathy".

    As a news trader that's what I'm interested in... news on a market making subject FAST. Put in BSE as your filter and you'll get far more news on the Bombay Stock exchange than on Mad Cow!
  7. I was being deliberately harsh to drive home a point. The media's use of the term "mad cow" and the endless showing of that same british holstein gives the public a bad impression of farming and exaggerates the risk that BSE poses to the public. You can understand why farmers do not like the media trying to sell a story by misrepresenting the facts and dragging farmers through the mud.

    As far as news goes that is why I watch cnbc. I would be perfectly happy to never see another "lightning round" again but I like having someone reading the news to me while I focus on the screen
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    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    You might want to check out Trade the News or Need to Know News to avoid the CNBC chatter.

  9. Clearly you don't know how serious the threat of a mass CJD outbreak is. It is in fact happening right in front of our eyes, only most are to blind to see it. To call the BSE threat an exaggeration is ignorant.

    The national cattlemens association is very powerful to say the least....