When did you receive Bernanke's news?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by enkidu, Jan 10, 2008.

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    The news leaked at 12:15 pm. Stupid CNBC of course reported the speech a few minutes after 1 pm.

    Just wondering when you guys received the news, what news service you used.

    Seems the people who rely on CNBC got the news 45 mins late.
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  3. If that's the worst they receive for relying on CNBC they got off light.
  4. enkidu


    my only concern is if it can happen for commodities....

    If the natural gas report is SUPPOSED to come out at 10:30 am, is there a source to leak it at say.. 10:15?

    And what time did YOU receive the news, and what source???

    I got it at 12:40 ish
  5. I believe those reports are fairly strict at the release at those times while Ben just speaking isn't really regulated by any industry or other regulatory body. What he says is not factual but an opinion.
  6. enkidu


    he was "suppose" to make the speech at 1pm, but the outline of the speech was leaked way before!

    I feel bad for the little guy who waited until 1pm to receive the news...
  7. Surdo


    Fox BN was babbling about it by 12:15.
  8. piezoe


    The bounce came 1 hour early. Was it a leak for sure or simply anticipation. Perhaps many shorts wanted to cover before the official release. I don't know, perhaps some of you do. But in any case, it took me by surprise and i could have been burnt badly, but thank god i wasn't. If it was really a leak, then it's bad. If it was anticipation, then it's just part of normal market antics.
  9. NoteBoy


    Ya, all the major wires I know of had it at 12:16. Don't think there were any I saw with 12:15.

    May I add, what a complete load of BS this is. The fed has been under quite a bit of scrutiny for their communications. First of course the infamous Maria-gate. Then just last month with the blatant leak of the TAF announcement the evening before. Now this.

    They can't even do something as simple as releasing the text of the macro event of the week at the right time. The economy is in good hands! (not) What a bunch of clowns.
  10. How da boyz gonna make coin if de don't gotz an edge?

    They took the floor away, so give em a break, and Ben Dover.
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