When did women hate being women?

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  1. In the US and decided they wanted to compete in the workplace and no longer being content being a housewife and raising a family?

    Was it around the late 50's?

    Did they always hate it but repressed it until they could open up?
  2. I wonder what proportion of families could survive today on a single income.
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    Betty Friedan and other authors put discontent to paper in the 50's and 60's, but the discontent goes back centuries.

    Edit: and I don't think most of them hate being women, they hate being second-class citizens.
  4. I would say post WWII. When the US entered WWII a large population of men were sent to fight the war.

    Women who were left behind were told they have to do their duty to support the war cause by working the lines,building parts for our aircraft,ships,etc..

    Women enjoyed thier time, they felt a sense of duty they got the camaraderie of other women more social interaction etc..

    When the war ended they were back home socially isolated alone scrubbing toilets, cleaning dirty stinky diapers for 7-10 hours a day as the husband worked and then socialized after hours and tapping that ass of the cute office secretary. They began to miss the old times and the seeds of discontent began to sprout.
  5. When women entered the work force they doubled the labor supply, effectively cutting wages in half. Now it's nearly impossible to survive on a single income for most people.

    This was one of the first brilliant accomplishments of the far left. Telling all women they should work- otherwise they were not "independent". Before this wonderful era of leftist influence anyone who would simply get out of bed and go to work could make a decent living- enough to support a family, or save to open a business etc. Since the left convinced all the women that the were "enslaved" and not "liberated" if they didn't work, the work force doubled. Now two incomes are required in most cases. THANKS AGAIN LEFT!!!
  6. Women have 2 choices.

    1. Stay at home and take care of the house & kids and letting her husband, the man she loves, take care of her financially.

    2. Go to work, let someone else take care of the kids, and split the mortgage and all the bills with her husband, and let the boss who she hates pay her.

    Basically, she almost ends up in the same place, except that with choice #2, she doesnt get to spend as much time with her kids who are now being raised by some immoral, pot smoking, high school teenager(who at least once a week brings her new b/f over to your house and has sex with him in your bed), and she has her boss who she doesnt love telling her what to do instead of her husband. (Why is it acceptable for an employer to tell a woman what to do,but not a husband anyway?)

    Seems like only an idiot woman would choose choice #2. The happy smart women are the ones at home.
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    The last premier of New Zealand, not sure if shes a woman or not actually, worked herself a nice cushy number at the UN tho.....
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    Helen Clark...
  9. I don't think that women hate being women.

    It's more like they have penis envy.

    They want to do what the penis does.

    I guess you could call them penis-wannabees.