when did Ruth Madoff know

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  1. drcha


    I'm curious about how people interpreted her statement, which was along the lines of, "When my husband told me about this, I was devastated, blah, blah." She says plenty about how she felt when she found out. What she did not say is when she found out.
  2. dozu888


    she knew from day 2, if not day 1. she is just as guilty and should be thrown onto the street.
  3. timbo


    Women always know; they're deceptive creature.
  4. She is unlikely to hold onto her $2.5 million anyway. That was only her agreement with the govt. I suspect injured parties will go after her scraps regardless, and she will lose a lot of it just in defense attorneys. Imagine 1,000 different little people, even dragging her to small claims court, and having to defend herself.

    Investors lost billions. Who in the world thinks she deserves to be a millionnaire?

    If I were her, I would leave the country to hide in some offshore locale (without citizens who lost money to Madoff) that frowns on foreign lawsuits.

    Maybe Vanatua? :D
  5. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    If she ever recomended to 1 person they use her hubby, she is toast. The children made millions off of this and they will get taken down too. Yea they worked in the legitimate business. Who buys that they deserve the millions they made too.
  6. toc


    Question is why did not Madoff run away to a country like say Brazil, which does not have an extradition treaty with the US. He could have been charged with voilation everything in securities industry but not tried until he steps a foot into the US soil.

    Sorry he could have been tried in absentia but not brought into prison by force from Brazil.

  7. Lets say some guy ripped you off for 100 million dollars. I bet you would be begging for him to run so you could go find him.

    Im sure bernie knew this and figured it would be safer for him in Jail.
  8. He was hoping turning himself in would prevent his family from being prosecuted

    My point for Ruth to leave was for civil judgments against her $2.5 million, not for criminal