When Did Barron's Start ?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Tom631, May 31, 2008.

  1. Tom631


    Making buy and sell predictions on their front page? I use to pick up Barron's at the newstand every so often so I am aware it has been around a long time. I recently subscribed for both home delivery and internet access due to a deal they offered..

    First of all, big mistake as now my home mailbox is getting loaded damn near daily with solicitiions from other financial papers etc..so evidently Barron's sold or shared my home mailing adress.

    Now, in one of the latest editions I see them advertise their own stock advisory alert service that they started with an introductory special offer price of $795.00

    Fine with that but I get todays edition of Barron's and the front page has in very large bold letters saying:

    BUY GM

    taking up the entire front cover along with a photo of the front of a chevy car...

    Below the screaming front cover of

    BUY GM

    is a line or two with one saying GM could very well triple.

    So my question is do you feel Barron's has changed and are they or have they become just another stock advisory service or what?

    Please give your opinion.
  2. piezoe


    These fools really screwed around with my short GM verticals. Ended up giving back almost $400 from my profits because of these fools. They publish this total crap a few days before GM sales figures come out showing a 30% drop in sales. What really irritates me is that you know that the guys writing this crap are only doing it because they have buddies on the Street who need a hand dumping their shares. They all should go to jail. The sad thing is there are people who read Barron's that will think these reports are legitimate, though i realize the vast majority of skilled investors know they are crap. But they also know that the market is going to react to them, so the have to allow for that. It is self-fulfilling prophecy. Now of course, GM is right back to where it should be, dropping like a rock, but in the meantime i had to dump my verticals because of this jerks.:mad:

    P.S. Would you pay over $700 a year for that kind of advice? I hope not!
  3. mark2


    I lost my faith with Barrons after th LDK drama last year.

  4. I've subscribed to Barron's for years. These days I only get the online version of it and the WSJ.

    Barrons has always had columns where either they or people they interview make recommendations. It is a stock newspaper...right? They review their own recommendations, and as I recall they do fairly well. They're long term recommendations. Obviously you don't have to take them.

    If they don't write about stocks, I'm not sure what you would expect. I like Barrons myself. It gives me alot of information for a very moderate price.